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About Gale’s Framework

Why Weekly? Weeks Added Up Produce Results

Each week, members make a short-term commitment to pursue their goals for 7 more days.

Grounded in Century-Old Scientific Principles

Built alongside a behavioral science expert with a PhD in experimental psychology.

How Gale Defines a Goal

We build goals in 3 pieces:

  • Behavior – selecting a behavior to focus on makes it easier to identify and measure progress
  • Why – behavior change occurs best when you define why a behavior is important to you
  • Target – an attainable target is a great north star to follow throughout your week
Tracking behavior screen

Track Progress, Master Behavior

Whenever completing a “behavior,” members click into a dedicated goal card and swipe right to track progress. 

Research shows that the sooner you acknowledge yourself completing a behavior, the more likely that it will “stick” and become routine.

Refreshing a Weekly Goal screen

Recalibrate Weekly

Before your current week is over, we offer the opportunity to “refresh” a goal for the upcoming week.

This allows a member the opportunity to adjust a goal’s behavior, why or target from the prior week.

Active & Inactive Goals Screen

Goal Prioritization

A goal is “active” if a member is tracking toward a target. If an active goal isn’t refreshed by the end of a week, it becomes “inactive.”

A goal can stay inactive for as long a member would like, and can once again be toggled active after a refresh.

Cues screen

Smart Cues Keep You on Pace

Cues are friendly reminders designed to help members stay on pace with their targets.

We take your attention seriously and only send cues when it’s in your best interest, during agreed-upon time periods.

Metrics & Notes screen

Data for Insights, Notes for Recall

Our data tells a digestible story, offering current and historical metrics for each goal.

Each goal has a notes section, so you can document whatever you’d like throughout the week.

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