Gale helps friends
achieve goals.

Mobile phones with various screens demonstrating the Gale app

About Gale’s Framework

How Gale Defines a Goal

Build Positive and Productive Habits:

One Week at a Time

Gale groups focus on 7-day commitments.
Short-term strategy leads to long-term results.

Powered by Science

Built by behavioral science expert
co-founders, one of whom with a PhD.

Tracking behavior screen

Track Progress, Master Behavior

Once completing a behavior that relates to a personal goal, tap and hold the button on the group card to track progress.

Refreshing a Weekly Goal screen

Recalibrate Weekly

Each week, reconnect with goals and decide how to best pursue them for 7 more days. Changes can be made by tapping the “Refresh” icon when it appears.

Active & Inactive Goals Screen

Goal Prioritization

Group members can pause their personal goal if needed. Other group members can continue on, and the person who paused can jump back in when ready.

Cues screen

Smart Reminders to Stay on Pace

Smart Reminders keep group members on pace, and updated on each other’s progress.

Metrics & Notes screen

Journal for Recall

Journal context along the way, and reference back to past notes whenever helpful.

Goals Get Done
With Gale

A change in behavior doesn’t happen overnight. Get started with Gale today.

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